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PS3 peripherals priced

35 quid for a Sixaxis.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Along with the news that the PlayStation 3 is launching for definite really really certain on 23rd March, we also have a list of prices for the basic line-up of peripherals.

An additional Sixaxis pad will cost GBP 34.99, it says here, while anybody who wants the Blu-ray remote control for switching between their zero Blu-ray films will need to fork over GBP 17.99.

Other extras include the HDMI cable (GBP 17.99 - although any old HDMI cable will work, if you already have one), the AV cable (GBP 17.99), the Component AV cable (GBP 17.99 - we're noticing a pattern) and the S-video cable (GBP 12.99 - typical).

For more on the PlayStation 3 launch, mash your hands on the keyboard while frothing.

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