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PS3 leads 360 in Europe - report

But Nintendo systems remain on top.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

PlayStation 3's European installed base just pips the Xbox 360, so says a new sales report, but Nintendo hardware remains on top of the pile.

According to Gamasutra, data compiled by research outfit IDG and cited by US retailer GameStop in their annual report shows that, as of December 2010, the DS is way out in front with 49 million units shifted. The Wii follows in second place with 24.9 million units.

Next comes PSP at 14.8 million, with PlayStation 3 at 14.7 million. Xbox 360 comes in last at 13.7 million.

To compare that to the US scene, also as of December 2010, the DS has sold 47.3 million, the Wii 34.2 million, the Xbox 360 25.4 million, the PSP 19 million and the PlayStation 3 15.4 million.

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