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PS3 'infinitely more fun' than Wii

Says Sony's big boss. FIGHT!

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Sony CEO Howard Stringer handed the Internet a loaded gun, painted a target on his chest and declared PlayStation 3 offers "infinitely more fun" than the Wii.

Speaking to the Guardian, Stringer admitted all has not been rosy in the garden of Sony. "We've some catching up to do," he said, "But at least we have the opportunity to connect the PS3 with the PlayStation Portable and beyond." Yep, that'll do it.

"I'm happy the Wii seems to be running a bit short of hardware," Stringer went on to say. "The PlayStation 3 will come into its own because its [high-end games] are infinitely more fun, demanding and exciting."

Stringer said he is "much more confident" PS3 will get through the early part of this console cycle. It's certainly doing all right in Japan, according to Enterbrain, where it outsold Wii for the first time last month. Sony shifted more than 183,000 consoles compared to Nintendo's 159,000, while several Xbox 360s raised over ten pounds on eBay.

Yes, Stringer reckons, it's all going to be all right. "I'm glad that the last few weeks have generated excitement about PlayStation 3," he said. "Everyone's stopped talking about it the way they were six months ago."

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