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PS3 gets another BC boost

Version 1.5 to hit this week.

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The PlayStation 3 is set to receive another backwards compatibility boost in the next couple of days, as Sony readies a version 1.5 firmware update for the US and Japan.

Already listed on the PS3 website in Japan, where it's due out on 24th January, the update also introduces support for the "Edy" system prepaid smartcards, allowing owners to buy content from the online store without having to rely on a credit card.

Edy is currently used to charge certain mobile phones, and uses Sony's FeliCa technology, although it's only available in Japan, where users will need an appropriate card reader attached to the PS3 to take advantage.

Other additions in version 1.5 include Korean language input options.

If you can read Japanese, then you can read more on Sony's official site. Otherwise, stay tuned for the US patch notes later in the week.

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