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PS3 demand "high and sustained" - UK retailers

Despite contrary rumblings.

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UK retailers have countered claims that PlayStation 3 isn't generating much pre-order interest, with two firms declaring it their most successful console campaign ever.

Woolworths told our sister site that PS3 is "fastest selling games product" it has ever offered through its website. Argos said it was their "most successful pre-ordered campaign for consoles".

Meanwhile described interest as "high and sustained" and said it was confident the machine would be among its top sellers for 2007. "We are only taking pre-orders until all our initial stock from Sony is accounted for - that way, no customer will be disappointed come day of release. We don't expect stocks to last long," a spokesperson said. HMV echoed that satisfaction, telling that demand was in line with expectations.

Sony boss Ray Maguire added that the response from retailers had been "incredibly positive", adding that early indications suggest it will be Sony's "biggest hardware launch to date".

All of which came in response to scattered reports of PS3 failing to capture interest among European gamers ahead of its 23rd March launch. And when we say "scattered reports" we mean UK Resistance and some wacky forumites, obviously.

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