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PS1 game spotted on Vita PlayStation Store

Sony "working hard" on PS1 Vita support.

PlayStation 1 game Buzz Lightyear of Star Command has been spotted on the European PlayStation Vita Store, suggesting that Sony is close to finalising PS1 game support for the device.

The PS1 title is available to buy for £3.99, although attempts to play the game result in a system error.

Loading Buzz Lightyear will boot the Vita's PSP emulator, one poster on NeoGAF said. Inspecting the game shows a background designed to look like the PS1 disc tray.

Sony Computer Entertainment boss Shuhei Yoshida tweeted earlier this week that the company was "working hard" on PS1 support for Vita.

PlayStation 3 allows gamers to download PS1, PS2 and Turbografx-16 titles, as well as minis and PSP games.

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