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Promisingly dark and frantic Dead Space 3 single-player footage

Pre-order to get extra suit and weapon DLC.

Dead Space 3 developer Visceral Games has shown a meaty chunk of footage from the sci-fi horror's single-player campaign.

Previous trailers highlighted the new co-op mode, which was apparently added to appeal to a larger audience. It sees series protagonist Isaac Clarke team up with bad-mouthed beefcake John Carver.

In the game's single-player, Carver's role appears to be minimal. Clarke explores a dark, necromorph-filled level reminiscent of everything Dead Space fans have grown to love.

If you're feeling more convinced, EA has conveniently just announced two sets of pre-order bonus DLC packs, which contain an extra suit and weapon each.

The "First Contact" bundle includes a thick golden suit for protection against long-term space exposure, as well as any creatures lurking about nearby. You also get the "Negotiator", a gun with Tesla Beam and linegun attachments.

The "Witness the Truth" bundle comprises an insulated suit perfect for chilly climes, plus the "Evangeliser" weapon - basically an assault rifle and shotgun strapped together.

We've dropped a line to EA to find out which UK retailers are participating.

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