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Prinny dev announces PS3 action RPG

The Witch & The 100 Cavalrymen detailed.

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The team behind ruthless PSP Disgaea spin-off Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero? is working on a new action RPG for PlayStation 3 called The Witch & The 100 Cavalrymen.

Andriasang reports that it's a dark fantasy sandbox-style affair in which you control an undead warrior called Hyakkihei, one of the 100 cavalrymen of the title.

Summoned by a sorceress called Metallica, you're sent into battle against an opposing witch. During combat you'll be able to wrangle the other 99 troops to suit your needs.

It plays out in a top down perspective, there'll be some some traditional dungeon RPG elements to get your teeth into, around 30 hours of gameplay and plenty of subquests.

Publisher Nippon Ichi has it down for release in Japan in early 2012, but there's no mention of a European launch as of yet.

Take a look at the teaser site for a glimpse of the game's art style.

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