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Prey For the Gods Kickstarter nears end with confirmed PS4 and Xbox One versions

Has raised 150 per cent of its goal with 12 hours left.

Shadow of the Colossus-inspired adventure game Prey For the Gods has made 150 per cent of its Kickstarter goal with another 12 hours left. More importantly, it's confirmed for PS4 and Xbox One.

The ambitious title was aiming to raise $300k on the crowdfunding platform and as of publishing it's at $451,957 with over 13.4k backers.

The game has pushed past numerous stretch goals so it will now have a Mac version, an orchestral score, an additional animator, and more weapons. It could potentially get expanded environments and more bosses too (so far only five are confirmed).

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Amazingly, Prey For the Gods is being made by a tiny team of three. Granted an additional animator is coming onboard and there will be some external contributing work done (like the aforementioned orchestra), but this is still a tiny crew.

Prey For the Gods puts players in the role of a warrior on a mysterious island ruled by a handful of colossal beasts. The story will be told through the environment and the developer cited Shadow of the Colossus, Journey and Hyper Light Drifter as inspirations for this.

You can currently reserve a copy of Prey For the Gods for $15 on PC or $25 for console.

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