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Pop goes the WiiWare

New game for Wii service.

Dark blue icons of video game controllers on a light blue background
Image credit: Eurogamer

Australian developer Nnooo (pronounced "NO!") has announced that it is developing a game called Pop for Nintendo's Wii Software service. That's WiiWare to those of you in the US and Japan.

As you can see from the screenshot gallery, it's a simple-looking Wiimote-controlled game where players have to burst their way through waves of bubbles, scooping up power-ups, multipliers and chains, with a hint of worldwide leaderboards.

Nnooo says to expect a healthy single-player challenge along with four-player modes where it's possible to steal points from opponents and use the controller to pump up bubbles for bigger explosions. "It is based around a simple concept which anyone can pick and play with layers of skill involved," the developer says.

A release date is necessarily absent, although Nnooo mentions "several months (at least) of development time" remaining. Keep an eye on the official Pop website for more information as and when.

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