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Pre-order Pokémon Sword or Shield for under £40

Ever Seaking deals.

Earlier this week, Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield were revealed - both due for release later this year on Nintendo Switch.

Based on the UK, upcoming Pokémon game world Galar features leafy countryside, redbrick towns, railway viaducts and even what appears to be Hadrian's wall. Folks have also glimpsed giant figures drawn in chalk like the ones often sighted across England's countryside.

With the game(s) available for pre-order at around £50, sometimes reaching up to £60, the usual Nintendo pricing laws seem to apply so far - as such, we're not expecting any giant price drops on either game come release.

Luckily, at eBay outlet ShopTo, both Pokémon Shield and Pokémon Sword have been slashed to £39.85. If you're going to join the pre-order bandwagon, this is one to jump on.

While we wait for our chance to be the very best (the best that ever was) it's an ideal time to distract ourselves with Nintendo Switch antics. Take a look at the best Switch SD cards and coolest accessories out right now to while away the time. Happy deals - and Pokémon - hunting!

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