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Pokemon Pearl/Diamond dated

US in April, Europe in summer.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

A spokesperson for Nintendo has told Eurogamer that DS titles Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl will be available in Europe in either "June or July - after Pokemon Ranger".

The comment comes after announcements that the two gems will be released across the US on 22nd April, featuring a unique "Manaphy" Pokemon, which is unlockable from Pokemon Ranger once you complete its story mode.

Simply pop in your "Manaphy Egg Code" that you receive and your egg will now hatch in your Pearl/Diamond game. It sounds as though it could well be worth the effort, with the elusive critter has touting a "Heart Swap" move that allows it to swap healing effects with other Pokemon.

Pokemon Pearl and Diamond are shaping up to be very worthwhile experiences, as our recent preview shows. With a refined battle system, less gimicky features, good touch-screen implementation and balls full of Pokemon, it could be just what we're looking for.

Meanwhile you should keep an eye out for Pokemon Ranger when it pops up on European shelves on 30th March.

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