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Pokémon Go will decide next two Community Days via Twitter poll

Weedle out the competition.

The next two featured creatures for Pokémon Go's Community Day will be chosen via Twitter poll.

Pokémon Go has offered a public vote for its next Community Day Pokémon once in the past, earlier this year, although this involved completing tasks in the game itself.

While the game adapts itself to be fully playable indoors, a Twitter poll has instead been chosen as a suitable substitute for picking the next couple of options.

The top two choices will become the June and then July Community Day options and what's interesting here are the specific choices on offer. Whatever the community decides, each option sets a new precedent for what could be considered a Community Day Pokémon.

The choices are:

Weedle, despite being a very underpowered Pokémon, is the only option here yet to see its shiny version made available in Pokémon Go. For collectors, this is the obvious first choice.

Squirtle, which is a fan-favourite Pokémon, but one who already had a Community Day back in 2018. This option opens the door to more repeat Community Days in the future. This option would also let you evolve Squirtle to Blastoise with Lucario's move Aura Sphere.

Sandshrew, an uncommon Pokémon with a nice-looking shiny which is already available in the game. Its evolution Sandslash would get Shadow Claw. Choosing this option would make Sandshrew the first Community Day Pokémon with only one evolution. Meanwhile, Alolan Sandshrew would be available in raids - an activity which is not normally the focus of Community Day.

Gastly, a popular Pokémon whose shiny remains hard to find. but whose evolution Gengar has featured in two raid days where its shiny was available. Evolving it to Gengar will give it the move Shadow Punch.

The poll will be open this Sunday, 24th May for 24 hours from 2am via the Pokémon Go Twitter account.