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Pokémon Go warns of in-game price rises due to Apple increases, whether you're on iPhone or not

In the eurozone, Japan and elsewhere.

Pokémon Go maker Niantic has warned fans to expect in-game price rises in Ireland and mainland Europe from tomorrow, due to Apple's previously-announced Eurozone price hike.

The pound, mercifully, is not yet affected - but many other countries will be. These include Poland, Sweden, Chile, Egypt, Malaysia, Pakistan, South Korea and Vietnam, plus Pokémon's homeland of Japan - a core market for Pokémon Go.

And while the change is driven by Apple's action, Niantic has said it will raise its prices in-game whether you use an iPhone or not.

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"We know that changes to pricing and currency are impactful to our community across all Niantic games - Pokémon Go, Ingress and Pikmin Bloom - and we wanted to provide proactive notice that some players will experience an increase in in-game currency prices starting as early as 5th October," Niantic wrote.

"This update is due to changes in App Store price tiers. We will also make similar changes on other mobile platforms."

As expected, word of higher prices has not gone down well with fans - even if Apple is the company driving the changes - and users of the Google Play and Samsung stores are particularly aggrieved.

"That Apple is increasing their prices of in-app purchases doesn't mean that Niantic also have to affect other mobile platforms with increasing prices at those platforms," one fan wrote on the game's popular Silph Road reddit.

It remains to be seen if other app developers also raise prices across the board.

"While we will not be taking any immediate action in response to this change, we'll be monitoring its impact and discussing how to navigate changing conditions globally," Niantic concluded. "Thank you for your understanding."

Last month, Apple announced it would raise its App Store prices in multiple territories. App Store items previously priced at €0.99 will increase to €1.19, while apps formerly costing €9.99 will rise to €11.99.