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Pokémon Go update adds new Appraisal feature for finding a monster's Poképotential

Well IV damned.

You'll soon be able to view the potential strength of your pocket monsters via a fresh update to Pokémon Go.

The app's new Appraisal feature is designed to reveal which Pokémon are worth feeding with your hard-earned Candy and Stardust.

It's a useful addition for any semi-experienced to hardcore player interested in training up monsters to take on gyms (which, a month or so in, is likely where many folk still playing are now headed).

Why is this useful? Well, not all Pokémon are created equal. Just as in the main Pokémon game series, Pokémon Go uses a set of hidden attributes named IVs to determine the potential max strength of a critter.

Some Pokémon can be trained far higher than others, but unless you're a hardcore fan it can be hard to work out which is best.

Tools to check a Pokémon's potential have already been created by fans, although many have now been blocked by developer Niantic for putting a strain on the game's servers.

This new method keeps the whole thing simple and within the app. You submit your creatures for testing to your relevant Team Leader (#TeamValor FTW), who will then inform you of the results. We have a more thorough breakdown of what each Team Leader means in our Pokémon Go CP meaning explainer, as well as how you can narrow it down further with more research, too.

But while this is a nice addition, it isn't the long-awaited trading feature which now feels overdue - and which everyone has really been waiting for.

"We are still working hard on several new and exciting features to come in the future of Pokémon Go," Niantic said upon announcing the addition of Appraisals.

This latest Pokémon Go update is rolling out now around the world, although we don't seem to have it just yet in the UK.

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