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Pokémon Go streamer mugged live on camera

While filming on a lit street in Central Park.

A Pokémon Go player was mugged last night while streaming live in New York's Central Park.

Viewers saw Twitch streamer Rickeybot punched to the ground and his phone stolen - all while the device was still broadcasting.

The footage then continued as the attacker ran away, before pausing to shut the phone down.

Twitch viewers quickly called the police, and Rickeybot was able to report the crime before heading to hospital. In a message posted to Twitter later in the evening, he described his jaw as "a mess".

Rickeybot has streamed from Central Park - at night - repeatedly over the last week, and advertised his streams beforehand via Twitter. The spot where he was mugged was on a lit street on the main road that runs through the park. But anyone who was watching the stream would know exactly where he was, and how his attention would be distracted by his phone screen. It's sad to say, but for anyone who had seen this, he was an easy target.

It's far from the first time an incident like this has happened while playing Pokémon Go - which warns users to keep aware of their surroundings every time they load the game.

Happily, Rickeybot's attacker was caught on camera, as you can see below.

Viewer discretion is advised, however - the whole ordeal is not an easy watch.

Cover image for YouTube video