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Pokémon Go got Stephen Fry to narrate its new trailer

By Jeeves.

Have you played Pokémon Go lately? There are bunch of new monsters to track down plus some snazzy new in-game weather effects which play into the game's various systems.

All of this may be old news to those who log on regularly (hello!), but it's the gist of this pretty new TV ad for the game - perfect for the more lapsed players.

Stephen Fry has been roped in to lend his dulcet tones to the narration, while the music comes from George Fenton, the Academy Award-nominated composer of various David Attenborough BBC documentaries.

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It shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, but Pokémon Go is still pretty darn popular - both in the numbers of people playing, and the amount of money it still turns over.

In November, the game's global community caught three billion Pokémon in six days - a frankly astonishing achievement - in order to unlock the duck Pokémon Farfetch'd.

Over Christmas, as the game added yet more creatures to catch, it topped the App Store's top-grossing chart in numerous countries.

And, most importantly, I recently caught enough Feebas to finally evolve Milotic. Good news all round.

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