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Pokémon Go now lets you fight Team Rocket's Jessie and James

Blasting off again.

Iconic Team Rocket duo Jessie and James are now available to fight in Pokémon Go.

This week's introduction of Rocket hot air balloons - which now let you fight the villainous organisation remotely - seemed a tease for the long-running TV series antagonists. Last night, the pair turned up in-game.

You only have a limited time to find and fight the duo, who sail around in their usual Meowth balloon. They come with a Shiny-possible Shadow Ekans and Koffing, another nod to the TV series.

From Friday at 8am local time, Pokémon Go's second week of pre-Go Fest challenges will now focus in on battling Team Rocket. More balloons will appear in the sky, including the Meowth balloon, and Shadow Suicune will be available when fighting Giovanni in a balloon (you'll get a new Super Rocket Radar via a set of timed research).

On Sunday between 11am and 2pm, you'll have your best shot at encountering Team Rocket (including Jessie and James) as encounters increase even further. You'll also earn double Stardust for defeating any Rocket villain and use a TM to let Pokémon forget Shadow move Frustration.

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