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Pokémon Go Kanto Tour ticket holder bonuses live, briefly available to all

Meant to make up for the event being available to all as well.

Last night, Pokémon Go's Kanto Tour bonuses - designed to make up for the fact the game's ticketed event was available to people who hadn't paid - were released and accidentally also made available to people who hadn't paid.

This latest error was fixed within a couple of hours - the research questline and box of free remote raid passes disappearing for a while in the interim - but not before some players accessing it for free in Australia and New Zealand had claimed the bonuses already.

Writing on top fan reddit TheSilphRoad, some fans expressed exasperation at this latest slip-up - while others simply found it hilarious.

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Pokémon Go players in Australia and New Zealand are reliably the first to encounter event-specific errors and bugs as they are the first timezones around the world where in-game changes become visible. It's only after local players report these issues that they are fixed in time for each event's later rollout through Europe and then America.

These countries have become unofficial test subjects for the game - and it's because of this there's a feeling among fans that, whether they paid or not, these latest bonus items were probably deserved.

Pokémon Go developer Niantic has not publicly acknowledged its slip-up, and a bonus bonus event to make up for the bonus event seems unlikely.