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Pokémon Go is bringing back Lugia, one of its toughest legendaries

Wind up.

Legendary flying 'mon Lugia will return to Pokémon Go this month, for a limited time.

Lugia will replace Rayquaza (finally) in raid battles from tomorrow and stick around until 2nd April.

He has an improved flying move - Sky Attack. Could he also now be available in Shiny form as well? It seems possible...

Lugia was originally available in July and August last year and gained a reputation as being one of the toughest legendary Pokémon to defeat. You needed at least eight people - preferably more - to bring him down.

Why Lugia now? It's a little odd to see Niantic return to one of its previous Pokémon releases when there are plenty of other Gen 3 legendaries still to be released (Latias and Latios, Regirock, Regice, and Registeel).

Cover image for YouTube videoPokemon 2018 Trailer 2 - New Pokemon Movie 21

But Lugia will star in the next Pokémon movie - the second in the film series' new continuity which began last year with the film where Pikachu talked for the first time. No, we're still not okay with that.

You can see a trailer for this year's film (where Pikachu does not talk) just above.