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Pokémon Go introduces form changing mechanic

In time for Poodle pooch Furfrou.

Pokémon Go will finally let you change the form of certain Pokémon, beginning with the franchise's primped and preened Poodle Furfour.

Pokémon forms frequently change naturally in the main series of Pokémon games, but have until now been locked within Pokémon Go, and players have been tasked with collecting each individually.

That all changes with the game's Fashion Week event, beginning next Tuesday 21st September, and its introduction of Furfrou, which has an eye-opening 10 fashionable forms.

Cover image for YouTube videoRemembering Pokémon Go's remarkable first summer (5th anniversary video)

The game's new form-changing mechanic requires 25 Candy and 10k Stardust, and appears as a new option on the Pokémon's detail screen, like an evolution.

This will allow players to change the form of the basic Natural Form Furfrou into its other versions - although in a twist, some of these will be dependent on your location.

Two alternate forms will be available to pick from globally, while six others will appear in certain regions - the full list lies below. One final form, the Heart Trim Form, will launch at a later time.

Fashion Week will also see the release of new costumed variants of Butterfree, Sneasel and Blitzle, plus the return of costumed Kirlia, Shinx, Croagunk and Smoochum from last year's Fashion Week.

Special Research will dole out the Mythical creature Meloetta if you did not already acquire one at Go Fest 2021, and another chapter of this season's ongoing Hoopa storyline will unlock.

There's no word yet on when other Pokémon with alternate forms will get this same form-changing mechanic. Until now, Niantic has used the release of multiple forms to drive new events and raid releases. But as the number of available creatures continues to climb, this simpler method of catching 'em all seems overdue.

Finally, here's where you'll be able to find and form change each Furfrou:

  • Natural Form: Available in the wild globally
  • Matron Trim: Available as a form change globally
  • Dandy Trim: Available as a form change globally
  • Debutante Trim: Available as a form change in the Americas
  • Diamond Trim: Available as a form change in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa
  • Star Trim: Available as a form change in the Asia-Pacific
  • La Reine Trim: Available as a form change in France
  • Kabuki Trim: Available as a form change in Japan
  • Pharaoh Trim: Available as a Form change in Egypt
  • Heart Trim: "Stay tuned!"