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Pokémon Go finally has Pokémon Home connectivity

With transfer limits you can pay to get around.

Pokémon Go is rolling out the ability to connect to Pokémon Home, the cloud-based service that connects with other Pokémon games.

It means you can transfer creatures you have caught in Pokémon Go to the service for storage - and, if compatible, then take them into Pokémon Sword and Shield.

But don't expect to be able to dump your entire Pokémon Go collection in one go. (Also, the process is one-way, so you probably don't want to.)

Transferring creatures from Go to Home uses up Transporter Energy, which replenishes over time or can be fully recharged for PokéCoins.

When full, you'll have 10,000 Transporter Energy to use. Regular small Pokémon use up 10 of this energy to send over - meaning you could send up to 1000 of those at once.

But you'll probably want to be sending bigger creatures, or Shiny Pokémon, or Legendaries. It's here the costs increase (as detailed in a recent datamine posted to Silph Road). Shiny creatures use up 1990 energy apiece, while Legendary creatures cost 1000. Shiny Legendaries cost a whopping 9000 - though you probably don't have too many of those lying around.

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Transporter Energy refills at 60 energy an hour, so it's a case of waiting just over six days if you send a Shiny Legendary creature and use up the bulk of your Transporter Energy in one go, before you can send another. Alternatively, you can pay in PokéCoins to completely refill your Energy capacity. The amount it costs depends on how much you've used, up to 1000 Energy to refill it from empty.

Most people will wait - and the recharge of the game's Mystery Box item originally launched with Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee runs on the same weekly cycle here, letting you get Meltan in Pokémon Go from Home transfers now too.

Lastly, any transfer of a creature to Home unlocks a Melmetal in Home, which can Gigantamax in Sword and Shield.

Pokémon Go's Home compatibility initially launched last night for players at level 40, and will become available more widely over time.