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Pokémon Go developer reverts improved spawn change, after reportedly assuring community leaders it would stay

"This was the unintended effect of a bug fix."

Pokémon Go developer Niantic has infuriated fans by reverting a positive change to the game's spawn radius that let you see Pokémon spawns from twice as far away.

The change went live earlier this week and was praised by players. But, last night, Niantic announced via Twitter that the buff would be removed.

Adding to the confusion is the fact that the game's community leaders - who are regularly fed information by Niantic - were allegedly told the game was working "as intended" with the spawn change applied.

Pokémon Go recently added Shadow Raids, which are playable in-person only.Watch on YouTube

Writing on Twitter, the owner of Pokémon fansite stated they had been told the change was "not a bug". Later, they said they'd now been told this was a mistake.

Reaction to this communications snafu has once again upset a community of players still unsettled from Niantic's unpopular remote raid changes, and still waiting for proof of the company's recent pledge to tackle the game's regular array of bugs and event issues.

Eurogamer last covered a problem in Pokémon Go three weeks ago, when Niantic apologised for a major "technical issue" which saw players throwing time and money at the game's recently-nerfed remote raids during an event designed around them - and for which the odds of encountering Shiny Pokémon were broken.

As ever, the issue was only fixed after being flagged by fans and brought to Niantic's attention.

In the three weeks since, Pokémon Go has suffered various similar - if less high-profile issues, leading to continued frustration with the game, time after time.

Recent problems with Pokémon Go (from June 2023) include Rocket Leaders initially not having their Shiny Pokémon switched on, trading with Pokémon Home resetting Pokémon levels, trading with Pokémon caught this year being marked as a Special Trade, a missed Raid Hour in New Zealand, the release of the Pokémon Sandygast which arrived broken and had to be fixed live, and various changes to the Pokémon Single Type Cup eligibility. And that's just the ones I've noticed.

Eurogamer has asked Niantic for more.

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