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Pokémon Go developer announces Marvel game

World of Heroes launches next year.

Niantic, the maker of Pokémon Go, has announced Marvel World of Heroes - a new smartphone AR game set to launch globally in 2023.

World of Heroes looks to be the latest in a line of games from Niantic with the company's usual focus on outdoor play - and another big license for it to adapt.

Details of the game remain thin on the ground, though a press release claims it will be "the first Marvel game where players become their own unique Marvel Super Hero".

Cover image for YouTube videoMARVEL World of Heroes | Announcement Teaser
A first conceptual teaser for Marvel World of Heroes.

Still, the above concept teaser video shows players commanding superhero powers inspired by Doctor Strange, Thor and X-Men's Cyclops.

"The game is designed to be a social game experience and pits players, their friends, and their iconic Marvel Super Hero allies against Marvel Super Villains and interdimensional threats," the press release continues.

As well as becoming your own brand of hero, you should expect famous faces such as Spider-Man, Wolverine and Captain America to pop up and give you some assistance.

Brands don't get much bigger than Marvel, and Niantic is likely hoping for a safe bet for its next game after mixed reaction to some of its other, non-Pokémon Go projects. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was shuttered early this year after a couple of years, while other projects such as a planned Catan spin-off and a long-awaited Transformers game have failed to fully launch.

In June, Niantic announced an upcoming NBA game was in the works. It is also working on a full global launch for its virtual pet mobile title Peridot.