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Pokémon Go details Masterwork Research for Shiny Mew

And its level 40 requirement.

Pokémon Go has detailed its upcoming £11.99 Kanto Tour ticketed event, which will bring the game's first Shiny Ditto and lead - eventually - to an encounter with a Shiny Mew.

On the event day - Saturday 20th February - its schedule will see players collecting creatures that differ each hour, similar to the global Go Fest event last year.

Creatures associated with Ash Ketchum's home of Pallet Town will be featured from 9am to 10am, for example, with Pewter City, Cerulean City, Fuchsia City and the Pokémon League in the hours to follow, before the cycle resets. The event's final two hours, from 7-9pm, will feature all Pokémon from the entire event at once.

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10 challenges will be offered on the day, five centred on the locations listed above, and five more based on using incense/trades to acquire version-specific creatures, raiding, completing research tasks and evolving.

All of those challenges and associated rewards will be completable for just over a week after the event, until 8pm local time on Sunday 28th February, so you can complete your trades without hurry.

On top of that, there will be a Special Research storyline that ends in an encounter with a Shiny Ditto, and then a subsequent Masterwork Research storyline that finally gets you that Shiny Mew.

Masterwork Research is a new term for Pokémon Go (has someone at Niantic been playing Destiny?), but it seems to be used here to denote a kind of Special Research designed to last players quite a while.

Niantic has said this Masterwork Research will require players to be at level 40 to complete, among other goals, which has come as a surprise to some lower-level players who bought tickets already. The company had always positioned Shiny Mew as something to be unlocked after the event via a "long and challenging journey", but despite the road to level 40 recently being made easier - and players having been encouraged to complete it before the end of 2020 - it will still take a while for newer Pokémon trainers.