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Pokémon Diamond and Pearl patch targets creatures acquired via "illicit modification"

Home support coming soon?

A fresh update for last year's Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl has blocked the use of cloned Pokémon in trades and battles.

"Some Pokémon acquired via unintended methods or illicit modification now cannot be used in Link Trades or Link Battles," patch notes state.

A datamine of the patch has given more detail, and suggests the game now checks for cloned Pokémon anywhere in your save data - so, in your game's party, stored in a PC box, or left at the game's Daycare Centre.

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The patch also adds the ability to battle other players using custom rulesets via the Colosseum on the second floor of a Pokémon Center, and expanded the maximum number of players who can hang out in Union Rooms to eight.

Another datamine suggests support for Pokémon traded from the new Legends: Arceus game, as well as Home transfers, are on the way soon.

This week will see a flurry of Pokémon announcements as the pocket monster franchise prepares for its annual Pokémon Day celebration on Sunday, 27th February. Will we see a Pokémon Legends: Arceus DLC announcement?

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