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PlayStation's indie game publishing head honcho Adam Boyes is leaving Sony

To pursue a career in game development.

Delightful Canadian Adam Boyes, the man behind PlayStation's self-publishing indie game initiative for the past four years, is leaving Sony.

Perhaps Boyes decided to step away from PlayStation after Sony signed Hideo Kojima? For there were no more worlds to conquer.

"After an incredible journey here at PlayStation, I've made the very hard decision to return to the world of game development!" Boyes stated on Twitter.

"The past 4+ years have been an absolutely amazing experience! I'd like to start out by thanking the incredible PlayStation Nation fans!" he added.

"The best news is that we have an incredible team here so the development & publishing community & gamers are in GREAT hands!"

Boyes further noted that he'll be exiting the company as of next week.

Boyes, whose mouthful of title had been VP of third party relations & developer technology group at PlayStation, was often credited as the architect of Sony streamlining its self-publishing initiative around the launch of the PS4. When I interviewed Boyes at GDC 2013 he boasted about streamlining the self-publishing process, which used to be an arduous 64-step bureaucratic nightmare.

Prior to his time at Sony, Boyes served as a director of production at Capcom from 2007-2010. He then served worked as president of consulting firm Beefy Media from 2010-2012.

So why is Boyes leaving Sony, you ask? It sounds like he wants to move away from scouting games for Sony, and instead get back into the the exciting world of game development. Boyes noted tonight in a Twitter response that he's "going to make games again on the independent side." It's unclear exactly where he's going or what that entails, but he seems excited by it.

Now let us look back at Boyes in one of his finest moments: demonstrating how one lends a retail game to a friend on PlayStation 4.

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