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PlayStation announces new Astro Bot game

Colour mech surprised.

Astro Bot dusts itself off in a desert landscape.
Image credit: PlayStation

Sony has announced a new Astro Bot game during tonight's PlayStation State of Play. It's simply called Astro Bot, is once again developed by Sony's Team Asobi, and launches for PlayStation 5 on 6th September.

A charming-enough-looking platformer, this is Astro's first starring role since 2020's PS5 launch title Astro's Playroom.

In the past, Astro has been used as a showcase for Sony's hardware, with Playroom designed to show off the PS5 DualSense, just as 2018's Astro Bot Rescue Mission was built for PlayStation VR.

This time, Astro Bot looks a more typical platformer - with sections where Astro can power-up and grow in size... and also dress up as other PlayStation characters such as PaRappa the Rapper, and also... a PlayStation 5 console? And wield Kratos' hammer?! It's clear there's plenty of Sony loving going on here too.

Here's a first look:

Astro Bot's debut trailer.Watch on YouTube

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