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PlayStation 4 balletic platformer Bound gets a release date

Pumps us up.

Beautiful and balletic PlayStation 4 platformer Bound will be released 16th August. That's a Tuesday, which means it's either Wednesday as a download or Friday in a box.

The release date comes from the blurb of a PlayStation YouTube trailer released moments ago (spotted by NeoGAF).

Bound is made by Polish team Plastic, incubated with Sony Santa Monica. It's vibrant, stylised game in which you control a dancing lady who moves wonderfully - she's a joy to control. You can hold down combinations of buttons to have her dance and she does so freely and flowingly - and indeed she needs to dance to keep some harmful effects at bay.

She's been given a task by her mother, the queen, to find and defeat a monster that's ruining the world. But what's really going on? What's with the family tableau that looks like real-life - when none of the rest of the world does.

Martin has also played Bound and wrote a preview about it.

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