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Planet Zoo feels the heat later this month with new Arid Animal Pack DLC

Dromedary camel! Porcupine! More!

Frontier Developments' park management sim Planet Zoo is jet-setting off to sunnier, sandier climes on 20th June, introducing the likes of dromedary camels and African crested porcupines as part of its newly announced Arid Animal Pack DLC.

Planet Zoo's Arid Animal Pack marks the game's 15th DLC expansion since its launch at the end of 2019, and - as with all Animal Packs - is predominantly focused on expanding the game's wildlife roster, this time with eight new creature additions.

Purchasers get access to the single-humped dromedary camel, the African crested porcupine, the black rhino, the addax (today I learned what an addax is!), the Somali wild ass, the sand cat, the dama gazelle, and the desert horned viper, which appears as an exhibit animal.

Planet Zoo's Arid Animal Pack arrives later this month.Watch on YouTube

Alongside its new critters, Planet Zoo's Arid Animal Pack introduces a new Campaign Mode scenario. This tasks players with transforming a plot of land in the Arabian Desert, belonging to prolific socialite Tiffany Summers, into an animal-packed oasis ready for opening day.

Planet Zoo's Arid Animal Pack will cost £7.99/€9.99/$9.99 USD when it launches on 20th June. It'll be accompanied by a free update promising a range of new extras, enhancements, and quality of life updates - including a new spitting behaviour for certain animals (the dromedary camel being one of them), a new Scenic Mode Camera, Cinematic Route Editor, and Staff Flexicolour tool, enabling players to customise their employees' uniforms.

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