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Pikmin Bloom's first Community Day coming next weekend

Flower power.

The first Community Day for Pikmin Bloom will be held on Saturday, 13th November, from 9am to 6pm local time.

Niantic announced the date today, with plans for in-game bonuses similar to the Community Day held every month for Pokémon Go.

Play during those allotted hours and you'll hatch Pikmin at 1.5x normal speed, gain double nectar from fruits and bloom Big Flowers into pansies.

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One nice addition is a 10,000 step award, which will earn you a special "Community Day Participant" badge. (10,000 steps is my daily step baseline, and it equates to about 7km or about 4.5 miles).

Community Day events are all about getting as many players as possible outdoors at the same time, and with Pokémon Go at least you're still likely to see people playing on any particular Comm Day. The idea works as a good meetup for fans, and boosts the game's visibility for everyone else.

A week after its initial launch in some parts of the world, Pikmin Bloom is now available almost everywhere. I've found it an enjoyably relaxed experience - the most entertaining pedometer app I've ever used, as well as a charming scrapbook and collect-a-thon. Have you given it a go?

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