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Pikmin Bloom downloaded 2m times in two weeks

Growth potential.

Pikmin Bloom, the new walking game from Pokémon Go maker Niantic and Nintendo, has been downloaded 2m times in two weeks.

That's according to data from Sensor Tower, the app analytics firm which tracks store data, spending and downloads.

864k downloads - nearly half of all installs - came from users in Japan, Pikmin's back garden. The US holds the game's second-largest player base, with UK in third.

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How does this compare with other Niantic games? Well, in terms of franchise visibility, it's fair to say Pikmin is a far lesser-known IP than Pokémon or Harry Potter.

Pokémon Go skyrocketed to 75m downloads in its first two weeks (like Pikmin Bloom, it had a staggered launch), while Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was downloaded a more modest 12.4m downloads.

In terms of spending, Pikmin Bloom has so far notched up around $473k in two weeks - the majority from Japan. Wizards Unite generated $8m in the same timeframe, while Pokémon Go earned a ridiculous $116m.

There's certainly several other people playing near me, and I've definitely been bombarded with emails as a Niantic game player making me aware that the app has launched.

I'd imagine Pikmin Bloom had far more modest expectations attached to it in terms of success - and it'll be interesting to see how what happens next for the game as new features were added.

Prior to Pikmin Bloom's launch, I spoke with Niantic about its future plans for the game - and whether you'd ever be at risk of killing your Pikmin.