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Pikmin 4 introduces Ice Pikmin and dog-like ally

Launches in July.

Tonight brought our first look at Pikmin 4 gameplay in a trailer shown as part of Nintendo Direct.

The footage introduced us to the brand new Ice Pikmin variety, which can freeze enemies and surfaces, such as pools of water. The original Red, Blue and Yellow Pikmin types were also shown.

Tonight's trailer also introduced us to an odd-looking dog creature which can be used to charge or carry Pikmin across obstacles such as water. It's not a Pikmin but... it looks friendly.

Cover image for YouTube videoPikmin 4 - Nintendo Direct 2.8.23
Pikmin 4 introduces Ice Pikmin and a weird dog.

Other more familiar elements were shown, including hunting for treasure and what looked like the return of proper caves. All in all, this looked to be drawing greater inspiration from Pikmin 2 - which is no bad thing.

Familiar enemies included Empress Bulblax and Bulborbs - including a tease of a bizarre red-eyed condition for the latter now present at night.

Story details remain under wraps, but tonight's footage showed a new set of Olimar-esque heroes to play as.

Tonight's glimpse concluded with a release date: 21st July 2023. It's finally happening!