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Pick up a discounted RTX graphics card with Ebay's 10% off sale

Sorry, North Americans only!

Ebay's semi-regular sitewide discounts are a great opportunity to pick up new computer hardware and other expensive pieces of tech on the cheap. This time around, Ebay.com is offering 10 per cent off almost anything on the site for residents of the US, Canada, Latin America and the Carribean with the code PICKUPTEN. That voucher is good for up to $100 off, which means that pricier purchases up to the $1000 mark will give you the biggest total discount.

Remember that the code works on both auctions and immediate sales, but you'll have to make your payment before 8AM Eastern Time on Friday the 26th - so don't expect to use the code on an auction that ends after that! Only a few items, including money, gift cards and real estate, are excluded from the deal. Here are some techy selections to get you started - including graphics cards, solid state drives, smartphones, games consoles and more.

Discounted graphics cards, CPUs and SSDs

Discounted consoles, TVs and monitors

Discounted smartphones

Of course, there are far more deals to be found on Ebay, so don't just look at our selections - forge your own path and let us know if you manage to find any good deals yourself. Just remember to use code PICKUPTEN before 8AM PT on Friday!