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Physics-based platformer/puzzler Organic Panic looks rather dynamic

Imagine if food was sentient, warmongering.

Organic Panic is an easy game to write off based on its concept art and premise. Casting the player as a group of cartoon fruits and vegetables fighting off nefarious meats and cheeses seems like the sort of pandering, kid-friendly "edutainment" shovelware we'd expect to find in an elementary school computer lab rather than on an adult's home console. Rushing to judgment would be a mistake, however, as beneath its VeggieTales-esque veneer, Organic Panic looks like a very fun physics-based platformer/puzzler with extremely dynamic environments.

The main appeal is that everything in the environment is destructible and elements will all interact with one another. Drill a hole at the bottom of a pool and watch the water flood a different section of the level. Start a fire and it will burn though wood, or levitate a boulder and watch it crumble rickety structures. Each of the four sentient fruits and vegetables you play as can control a different element. Cherry controls earth, Kiwi water, Carrot fire, and Coconut gravity.

Organic Panic will feature a full single-player campaign as well as both co-op and competitive multiplayer modes.

Developer Last Limb is putting a lot of emphasis into its user-friendly level editor where players can create and share stages, but I'm a little skeptical if that's a strong appeal. Sony had to pump millions of dollars into marketing to even get the word out about LittleBigPlanet, so I'm doubtful that such a small game could build a dedicated community. Then again, Minecraft was made by one guy and has among the most user-created content of any game ever, so I could be wrong.

Now on Kickstarter, pledges of $10 will receive the game upon its estimated October release, while pledges of $12 or more will receive the level editor too, along with access to any user-created content.

So far Organic Panic has raised $9,684 of its $40K goal with 20 days to go before its 8th August deadline.

If Last Limb reaches its $40K goal, Organic Panic is slated to come out on PC and Xbox 360 this October. PS3, Vita, Wii U, PC, Mac, Linux and iOS versions are expected to follow between January and summer 2014.

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