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PGR4 details race into view

Just add personality.

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Bizarre Creations believes that Project Gotham Racing 4 is the first game in the series that it's really been able to focus on, not having to hurriedly complete it to release with a new console or service.

It was speaking in an exclusive feature with a Polish magazine, in which the developer talked about what this new PGR outing has to offer.

This time around you'll have more options when creating your driver, which will form the basis of a revamped Career Mode. Your opposing drivers will also now be more charismatic, identifiable by their racing styles and "personalities". There'll also be more spectators who will react better to what's going on around them, and might even wave a national flag or two.

In-car-view affectionados will be happy with the promise of a more engaging experience, with more reaction from the driver in question, as well as weather and road effects making your ride more realistic and bumpy.

There'll be garages of new cars to race in, too, like classic 1960s Minis, '63 Corvette Stingrays, and other retro rippers. You'll also be treated to a Shanghai location, plus two more TBC cities and a "Fantasy Track" - on top of all the environments from PGR 3.

But perhaps the most noticeable difference will be the flashy new weather effects. These will now change dynamically during the race and effect your car, puddles icing over or frost collecting on your windshield.

There are new textures and lighting effects, as well as plenty more polygons - on cars, spectators, and drivers. The car handling has also undergone its MOT, and online physics has been tweaked to cut down on dirty rotten cheaters.

Bizarre is promising that all of this will run at a solid 30 frames-per-second in 720p.

Pop over to's scans of the Polish magazine to see the game in action.

Alternatively head over to our Project Gotham 4 gamepage for more information.

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