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PGR4 concept contest winner

See a car set to appear in-game.

Peugeot's competition to design a car for Project Gotham Racing 4 has already done a lot for the game. Inadvertently announcing it in the first place, for example. And now it has a winner, we can all marvel at a car you'll actually be able to drive when the game launches.

Called the "Flux Concept", the winning concept "was inspired by the continuous change and flow of our daily lives during work and play," according to the author, who sounds like one of those people.

"The shape also represents this flow with transitions through hard and smooth lines, between straight and curved all of which are characteristics of Peugeot.

"A relatively small car (3500cm long by 1650cm wide), it runs on a slim hydrogen power plant hidden in the back along with the tank mounted under the front bonnet." (E.g. magic.)

"The hood and side body panels are made from plastic, polyurethane for the seats and aluminium for the mechanical parts. The main components such as the chassis and head protection are metal.

"Made up of simple body work (basic intersected volumes) the car is easily produced and accessible to everyone but most of all, it's fun to drive."

It's also got an Xbox 360 built into the glove-box, but we doubt the judges took that into consideration. It's one of the details you can admire in our gallery, which features a number of sexy mock-ups and a few bits scribbled ostentatiously around the margins.

It's worth clarifying, of course, that those images are not PGR4 screenshots (it's not set in a world entirely free of light), but rather images of the concept car created on computer. Probably a swanky one that has neon lights on the motherboard, too.