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PGR 1 and 2 now 360 compatible

And OutRun 2, JSRF, Morrowind...

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Admist all the E3 hype and fluff, Microsoft snuck out the latest of its Backward Compatibility updates, with some of the very best Xbox games ever made now fully compatible with the Xbox 360.

Top of a lot of people's (i.e. Tom's) list will be OutRun 2 and its delightful follow-up OutRun 2006: Coast To Coast, but even better (in my opinion) is the news that Project Gotham Racing and Project Gotham Racing 2 have finally joined the BC list. About time too. Really.

Elsewhere on the list, Oblivion fans looking for another Xbox RPG fix might want to check out The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. We gave it a respectable 8/10 upon its PC release five years ago, and many RPG fans rate it extremely highly. I picked up a copy on Xbox for £3 recently, so have a poke around in the bargain buckets and see what you reckon.

Also worth checking out is the original Burnout - but maybe only to remind yourself just how far the series has come. Other items of interest are Doom III: Resurrection of Evil, Full Spectrum Warrior: 10 Hammers, Jet Set Radio Future (which was supposed to work last time around, but didn't), Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders, Marvel Vs Capcom 2, Mech Assault 2, MotoGP 2, Silent Hill 2, and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2X and 3.

In total, the list has grown by almost 70 titles, although, to be honest, most of these newly compatible games are ones you'd never want to darken your doorstep ever again. Blinx 2? Without Warning? Rogue Ops? Bloodrayne 2? Auto Modelista? Nurse!

For the full list, head to the official site, though bear in mind this is the US list. No-one's bothered to update the UK list yet, but they're generally identical from our experience.

We really do wish someone from the BC team would finally sort out Project Zero for Europe, though. Are you reading Microsoft? What about Rallisport Challenge 2? Psi Ops? Kung Fu Chaos? Freedom Fighters? Oddworld Stranger's Wrath? Otogi? Midtown Madness 3? Galleon? Indiana Jones? Voodoo Vince? Deus Ex Invisible War? TOCA Race Driver 2 or 3? [Explodes]

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