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PETA wants new God of War Ragnarök mode to remove violence against animals

Can you PETA the dog?

PETA wants Sony Santa Monica to add a new mode to God of War Ragnarök to remove violence to animals.

As reported by TheGamer, the animal rights non-profit organisation has asked the developer for a "PETA mode" so Kratos can spare the lives of animals he meets on his journey across the nine realms.

Beware, some major boss spoilers follow.

15 ADVANCED God Of War Ragnarok Tips

Kratos beats up plenty of animals throughout God of War Ragnarök, including a bear pretty early on.

It should be noted, though, that most of these are mythical creatures and not actually real.

What's more, most fauna found in the world cannot be attacked - the game literally stops you from throwing your axe at them.

Specifically, though, PETA is up in arms about the boss fight against giant wolf Garm.

Kratos meets this wolf in Helheim after it's freed by Atreus. It's subsequently fought in the icy realm.

"This dog has been chained outside in the cold for ages," said PETA in the video embedded in its tweet. "Kratos and Atreus found him in deplorable conditions, enduring the cold ravages of the Fimbulwinter without any shelter. No food (aside from Kratos) or water was available to him.

"All dogs deserve loving homes and warm couches, even if they're 60 feet tall. If you're cold, they're cold."

Now, there's no doubt that plenty of dogs are undeservedly found in these conditions in the real world. There's a serious message behind the tweet.

But Garm is a beast of Hel. And anyone who's beaten the boss will know there's a positive ending to its story.

If you're currently playing through the game, then check out some of these details you might have missed.

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