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People Can Fly details Outriders' expansive demo ahead of next week's launch

Available on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC

Developer People Can Fly's co-operative sci-fi looter-shooter Outriders is set to launch on 1st April this year, and those eager to learn more ahead of its full release will have the opportunity to put the early game through its paces next week, courtesy of a new demo.

Outriders' demo - People Can Fly emphasises it's a demo, rather than a beta, meaning it's completely free, doesn't require a pre-order or pre-purchase, and isn't limited-time - will launch for PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC (via Steam & streaming with Nvidia GeForce Now) next Thursday, 25th February, at 5pm in the UK.

Console owners will be looking at a minimum download of 22GB, while the PC demo weighs in at a slightly beefier 24GB, and once installed, players can access all four of Outriders' classes, which can be taken for a test run across its prologue and opening chapter - meaning gear and enemies will be early game variants, rather than their more exotic later-game counterparts.

Outriders: Mantras of Survival.Watch on YouTube

People Can Fly says the demo - which includes cross-play co-op support, albeit in beta form - will continue as far as the showdown against first rival Altered, Gauss. However, defeating him will open up a number of side missions, providing incentive to go back and explore the world.

Notably, there's no time limit on the demo, meaning players can mess around in it for as long as they like, but there is a character level cap of 7 (far enough in to unlock two skill points and a class's fourth ability) so that players won't be massively over-powered if they opt to transfer their progress to the full game. There's also a cap on resources for a similar reason, although People Can Fly notes the associated crafting system won't be available in the demo.

Progress, incidentally, is only transferrable to the full Outriders experience on the same platform account, and those taking advantage of the Steam demo won't be able to move their progress to the Epic Store should they prefer to make a purchase there.

People Can Fly's full demo announcement also includes release information for all territories plus details on the demo's World Tier cap of five, if you're curious to learn more. Outriders gets its full PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC launch on 1st April.