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People are already speedrunning The Witness

Current record at 25.53.

Someone has finished Jonathan Blow's ambitious puzzle wonderland The Witness in 25 minutes and 53 seconds.

YouTuber Azorae uploaded the video of him dashing through the obscure game solving a minimal number of puzzles to reach the conclusion in under 26 minutes.

Of course he's simply replaying it after committing the various puzzle solutions to memory, but it's still impressive as that's a lot to remember, at least for a game that's only been out for a week.

There's also a fair bit of creativity involved in cracking what puzzles need to be solved - as many of its brain-busters are optional - and the order in which to tackle them. It's possible a swifter route will be uncovered in time, but so far Azorae seemingly has things down to a science.

Even Jonathan Blow is impressed as he tweeted about the impressive speedrun. You can watch the whole thing below, though I wouldn't recommend it until you've finished the game due to spoilers.

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