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People are already posting Halo 5: Guardians ending spoilers

Those jackals.

Halo fans beware - story spoilers for the upcoming Halo 5: Guardians campaign are being posted online.

The Xbox One exclusive is not to be released until 27th October, but early copies are now out in the wild.

At least one US retailer has sold copies of the game more than two weeks before its intended street date.

And at least one of the people who picked up an early copy has posted details of the game's ending online.

Posts on the Xbox One Reddit this afternoon claimed to contain a detailed synopsis of the game's ending, and carried intentionally misleading titles to ensure Halo fans clicked on them.

Halo fans who care about playing the game unspoiled should probably exercise caution while online for the next couple of weeks...

For an officially-released tease of the Halo 5 story, watch the new launch trailer below:

Cover image for YouTube videoHalo 5: Launch Gameplay Trailer