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PC exclusive cyberpunk FPS Hard Reset

From Bulletstorm, Witcher 2 vets.

There's a new PC exclusive FPS in town. It's dark sci-fi called Hard Reset and it's made by Flying Wild Hog.

Alarmingly, the game's due out in September, two months from now.

Who is Flying Wild Hog? A 35-person Polish studio made by former Bulletstorm (People Can Fly) and The Witcher 2 (CD Projekt) veterans.

Hard Reset hopes to take you to a "haunting, dystopian" future where humanity faces extinction. One human city remains, Bezoar, and you as Major Fletcher will need to defend it.

Hard Reset will use a proprietary Road Hog game engine.

Flying Wild Hog released a scene-setting cinematic video to accompany the announcement. Why we couldn't see some in-depth gameplay so close to release we don't know.

Will Hard Reset hog the limelight?