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Hard Reset: Extended Edition announced

Indie shooter gets retail release, new content.

An expanded edition of acclaimed PC cyberpunk FPS Hard Reset arrives in stores in March 2012, publisher Kalypso Media has announced.

Hard Reset: Extended Edition adds five new levels to the Flying Wild Hog-developed shooter, as well as four new enemies, a new boss fight, updated visuals, extra back-story, two additional survival mode stages and unspecified "additional gameplay elements".

There's no mention in the announcement of the extra content being made available to those who've already purchased the game via download.

"We are very pleased to work with Flying Wild Hog to bring such an exciting and innovative title to our customers," commented Kalypso exec Simon Hellwig.

"The team at Flying Wild Hog is known for crafting excellent experiences, and we are pleased to expand our catalogue of games with Hard Reset: Extended Edtion."

The original version, developed by The Witcher and Bulletstorm alumni, launched back in September.