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Paper Mario and others dated

Trauma Center and all.

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Nintendo Europe has issued its Q3 release schedule, bringing us firm dates for the likes of Super Paper Mario, Big Brain Academy and Trauma Center on Wii.

The platform holder's latest schedule also dishes dates for the DS, telling us when to expect Zelda spin-off "Freshly Picked - Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland".

Wii stuff first - Super Paper Mario will finally take a bow on 14th September, months and months after its celebrated US release, while Big Brain Academy for Wii (reviewed yesterday) pops across next month on 20th July and Trauma Center: Second Opinion (a Wii launch title in the US) opens us up on 10th August.

Tingle's DS RPG, meanwhile, is also set to launch on 14th September, having been preceded by the (already announced) dates for Elite Beat Agents (13th July) and Pokémon Diamond/Pearl (27th July).

Third-party highlights are a mix of things we know and things we didn't: Resident Evil Wii Edition is out on 29th June, Scarface for Wii is out on 30th June, Alien Syndrome from SEGA is 7th September, and on the DS side Sonic Rush Adventure should be ready for 28th September.

Browse the whole list below.

Q3 Wii Release Schedule

  • Resident Evil: 4 Wii edition (Capcom) 29th June 2007
  • Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix (EA) 29th June 2007
  • Scarface (Vivendi Games) 30th June 2007
  • Mortal Kombat: Armageddon (Midway Games) June 2007
  • Mario Party 8 (Nintendo) 13th July 2007
  • Big Brain Academy for Wii (Nintendo) 20th July 2007
  • King Of Clubs (Oxygen Games) 20th July 2007
  • William Pinball Classics (System 3) July 2007
  • Transformers The Game (Activision) July 2007
  • Trauma Center: Second Opinion (Nintendo / Atlus) 10th August 2007
  • Tamagotchi Party On! (Namco Bandai Games) August 2007
  • California Games (System 3) August 2007
  • Alien Syndrome (SEGA) 7th September 2007
  • Super Paper Mario (Nintendo) 14th September 2007
  • Dragon Blade: Wrath Of Fire (D3Publisher of Europe) 14th September 2007
  • World Championship Poker Featuring Howard Lederer: All In Wii 21st September 2007 (505Games)
  • Brunswick Bowling pro (505Games) September 2007
  • Cosmic Family (Ubisoft) September 2007
  • My Word Coach (Ubisoft) September 2007
  • Ratatouille (THQ) Q3 2007
  • Toot & Puddle: Call Of The North (Zoo Digital Publishing) Q3 2007

Q3 DS Release Schedule

  • More Brain Training from Dr Kawashima: How Old Is Your Brain? (Nintendo) 29th June 2007
  • Puzzle League DS (Nintendo) 29th June 2007
  • Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix (EA) 29th June 2007
  • Dino Master (Majesco / Eidos) 29th June 2007
  • F24 stealth Fighter (Majesco / Eidos) 29th June 2007
  • MechAssault Phantom War (Majesco / Eidos) 29th June 2007
  • Nacho Libre (Majesco / Eidos) 29th June 2007
  • Super Black Bass Fishing (Majesco / Eidos) 29th June 2007
  • Herbie: Fully Loaded (|Disney) 6th July 2007
  • Elite Beat Agents (Nintendo) 13th July 2007
  • Brain Buster (505Games) 13th July 2007
  • ANNO 1701 (Disney) 13th July 2007
  • Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl (Nintendo) 27th July 2007
  • Transformers The Game: Autobot (Activision) July 2007
  • Transformers The Game: Decepticon (Activision) July 2007
  • Guilty Gear Dust Strikers (Majesco / THQ) July 2007
  • The Settlers (Ubisoft) July 2007
  • Powershot Pinball Constructor (Oxygen Games) 10th August 2007
  • Dragonball Z GOKU DENSETSU (Namco Bandi Games) August 2007
  • California Games (System 3) August 2007
  • 8 Ball All Stars (Oxygen Games) 7th September 2007
  • Freshly Picked - Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland (Nintendo) 14th September 2007
  • Heroes of Mana (Square Enix) 14th September 2007
  • King of Clubs (Oxygen Games) 21st September 2007
  • Sonic Rush Adventure (SEGA) 28th September 2007
  • Cookie & Cream (505Games) September 2007
  • Fishing DS (505Games) September 2007
  • Happy Cooking (Ubisoft) September 2007
  • Jam Sessions TM (Ubisoft) September 2007
  • Panzer Tactics DS (10Tacle Studios) Q3 2007
  • Godzilla Unleashed (ATARI) Q3 2007
  • Cake Mania (Majesco / Eidos) Q3 2007
  • New York Times Crossword (Majesco / Eidos) Q3 2007
  • Operation Vietnam (Majesco / Eidos) Q3 2007
  • Toot & Puddle - An Artic Adventure (Zoo Digital Publishing) Q3 2007
  • Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights (THQ) Q3 2007
  • Ratatouille (THQ) Q3 2007
  • ToonDuko (Majesco / Eidos) Q3 2007
  • Bratz Ponyz (Game Factory/K.E. Media) Q3 2007
  • Worms: Open Warfare 2 (THQ) Summer 2007
  • Race Driver: Create & Race (Codemasters) Summer 2007
  • Marvel Trading Card Game (Konami) Summer 2007

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