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Euro Super Paper Mario bugged

Nintendo issues statement.

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Nintendo Europe has spouted out a statement that unearths a bug in the PAL version of Super Paper Mario.

Specifically it affects English, German, and Spanish versions of the game, where not completing a section in the right order will freeze proceedings and force you to restart from your last save. Eek.

It all happens after you meet a character called Mimi at the start of Chapter 2-2, who soon tells you to go up a floor and travel to the furthest room to meet Merlee.

When you eventually get to the room an event will trigger the spiked ceiling to fall, which you'll have to dodge by flipping into 3D. Do all of this correctly and you'll see a key.

Pick the key up and you will encounter no problems. But talk to Mimi without pocketing it and your game will crash, making you restart the console and lose your unsaved progress.


Nintendo is very sorry about this, though, and is offering to replace your disc free of charge should you want it to. Details of how to do this will be posted on the official Nintendo site soon.

Tuck into our freshly published review of Super Paper Mario while you wait.

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