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PAL Gundam Musou demo soon

Dynasty Warriors combo funs.

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KOEI has told Eurogamer that the Dynasty Warriors: Gundam demo that popped up on PlayStation Network in the US today will be released on our version of the store in due course.

"We're just localising it for PAL at the moment," a spokesperson told us. Apparently Sony's quite particular about that sort of thing. At the moment the only way to get the single-player demo is to be American or to perform some clever backdoor shenanigans that we couldn't possibly comment on.

Should you manage it, you'll probably discover it's rather good, as we did when we picked it apart on impact in our amazingly named Gundam Musou PS3 import review. Take that, Google.

It's one of the most successful PlayStation 3 titles in Japan to date, according to the people who made it, which is probably why we've got Namco Bandai's Makoto Iwai describing it as "one of the most successful PlayStation 3 titles in Japan to date". It even topped the Japanese charts there when it first came out.

Perhaps the key to its success is the brilliant combination of two massively popular brands. That's certainly the impression we got from the demo press release, and indeed our own review, which declares that it's a "brilliant combination of two massively popular brands". [Enough -Ed].

Moreover, we declared that it's a "clever blend of strategy and bombastic button-bashing". Cheers then. Wordsworth.

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