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Euro Gundam Live demo "soon"

Matter of days, says Koei.

Koei has told Eurogamer this morning that the Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Live demo will be out across Europe in "a matter of days".

The US version was released earlier today, and the slight delay is due to localisation issues and a pending PEGI rating.

The demo's already out on the PS Network, and gives you a sample of the cinematic button-mashing gameplay we found to be really rather good indeed when we imported it for some close-up scrutiny earlier in the year.

"We wanted to ensure that every Xbox 360 owner had the opportunity to enjoy the perfect melding of the Dynasty Warriors signature gameplay and Gundam's Mobile Suits before its anticipated debut," said Makoto Iwai, big cheese at Namco Bandai America.

"The online demo of Dynasty Warriors: Gundam offers a glimpse of the unrivalled experience that made it a chart topping success in Japan."

We'll keep our eyes peeled for the Euro-date.

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam is due for release on PS3 and Xbox 360 in early November.

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