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PAIN Smack Pack to hit soon

Plus: online play patch released.

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Idol Minds has released a patch enabling PAIN players to battle against each other online.

It's free, according to the US PlayStation blog, and supports both voice and text chat.

Idol Minds also tells us the premium Smack Pack DLC will arrive soon. This adds Darts and Fortress game modes playable in any of the existing areas: Movie Studio, Amusement Park, Downtown. Props will change depending on the level chosen.

Darts is darts, but with multiple bullseyes and obstacles to avoid. Earn big points by grabbing other players or bombs en route to the board.

Fortress can be played by four people, each occupying a floating fortress guarded by pre-picked defences. These can be as ludicrous as flying toasters, and need to intercept destructive missiles lobbed by others. Causing destruction increases points while taking damage decreases points. Players with scores reduced to zero are eliminated.

There is no exact date or price for the Smack Pack yet.

PAIN launched on PSN exactly a year ago today, and was the most popular downloadable game on PS3 last year.

Head over to our PAIN gamepage to find out why.

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