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P-100 from Platinum Games coming to Wii U

Osaka developer working on colourful strategy game directed by Hideki Kamiya.

Platinum Games is working on a game for the Wii U, it's been confirmed - although the Hideki Kamiya-developed P-100 didn't make the cut in Nintendo's official E3 press conference.

Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime briefly mentioned the game in a short post-conference interview on GameTrailers, and further details have since emerged on Nintendo's official site.

P-100 is currently a working title for Platinum's Game, and it's slated to come in the Wii U's launch title. Bayonetta and Devil May Cry director Hideki Kamiya is helming the project, and seems to be bringing some of his action leanings to a frenetic strategy game.

A brief launch trailer reveals it to be a Pikmin-esque game that has you directing multiple heroes, many of which bear more than a passing similarity to Viewtiful Joe, a character created by Platinum's previous incarnation Clover. It also boasts bright and highly stylized visuals seen from an isometric viewpoint.